Couples' Watches?


Worker Bee
May 8, 2012
Uh, LA, I guess?
"Roley's That Don't Tick Tock... Audemars That's Losing Time..."

So for my hub's and I's 10-year (dating) anniversary, I want to get him something he's been wanting for awhile now: matching watches. Normally, I'm not a matchy-matchy sortof girl, but it'd mean alot to him. I don't mind masculine styles - hell, I wear his old Tag Heuer - but I've been struggling to find a middle ground. I'm unsure of the Rolex Yacht-Master for me, but I know he'd LOVE it:

I, on the other hand, would prefer the Patek Calatrava, but is it too feminine for a manly-man?

Do you ladies have any suggestions for a matching set? Or just a favorite luxury watch brand in general?

PS - The Cartier Tank is out. The maintenance on them is such a pain in the ass per my in-laws. Easy-ish maintenance is critical.
my vote is for the rolex, but i'm biased towards rolexes - my entire family (extended included) all have at least 1 pair. my parents have a couple matching sets. i just like the way they look better than other watches, but it might be because i'm so used to them. also, as for their maintenance, we've never had any problems and we've had these watches for years and years. the only thing i've ever had to change on mine is the battery.

for the patek, i do think it's too feminine for a manly man, but that's just my opinion.
This is why I have issues with couples watches. I am feminine, husband is not. His style doesn't go with mine. I think some people can pull it off but not us. I think the Patek is far too feminine for a manly guy. I love the Rolex, but I personally wouldn't be wearing it very often! I would hate to spend so much and not get much wear. Then if you have lots of disposable income this isn't a problem. If this is the case, I would go with Rolex.
if you don't mind masculine watches, go with the Rolex. It's so iconic, and can definitely be pulled off by a chic, strong woman! The one you pictured especially. I think it's a wonderful choice.