Count Me Healthy Jewelry




I really, really want one of these bracelets. I think that they are so cute, and
a great way to stay positive about your goals, no matter what they may be!

Here's how they work (taken from the website):

1. Choose a health goal you would like to track.

2. Once chosen, decide the daily target number for your healthy goal (For example,
if you are tracking glasses of water, you would aim for eight glasses of water a day.
Your target number would be eight).

3. Next, turn this daily target number into a bead count. You do this by dividing your
daily target number by the number of beads (12) on the bracelet. Water is easy, because
each bead would count for one glass of water.

4. Throughout the day, just slide the beautiful beads (one at-a-time) toward you from one
side to the other. The patented jump-ring at the top of the bracelet acts as a marker for
your progress. Once that bead is pulled or pushed over the jump-ring, your goal is counted
for the day. The beads have been specially designed to move easily along the cuff, and won’t
fall back-and-forth unless purposely moved by you.

5. At the end of the day, remove your bracelet and write down your progress. You can track
your progress using our Health Counts Cards. Then slide all beads back to the starting position
for tomorrow.

What do you ladies think? :)
I like that idea, it helps you remind yourself and motivate too.:)
I like the idea, it would be good if there were options with glass beads, but maybe thats my love of quirkier pieces. They're pretty expensive and at the moment I'm saving up for something else, so I think I'll borrow the idea and make my own one- something tasteful- where I can slide beads or count them...I'll probably do it for each 10 carbs I eat or each 100 calories..
I had a similar "necklace" thing called Cycle Beads that was supposed to track my periods/fertile days. In the end I kinda gave up, since my period started becoming so irregular. But those bangles do look very pretty!
It's actually a great idea!
it would be very useful for counting calories (i.e. each bead is 50)

And in general, just having your bracelet on the wrist would remind you of your goal.