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Jan 27, 2012
I read in a couple of other posts that corsets help control hunger pain or control eating or something along these lines. When I think of corsets I'm picturing Queen Elizabeth/ Marie Antoinette era. Is this the sort of thing you guys are talking about?
Anyways, I was thinking of getting one but have no clue where to even start looking for one or what type to get. Any stores I should try for a cheap one, especially in London? Or international stores with cheap delivery rates?
Corsets come in all shapes and sizes, depending what you want...many women use them just as a fashion accessory, while some wear them a lot to achieve a teeny-tiny waist (think Dita Von Teese). If you want to wear a corset for the benefits of slimming your waist and controlling hunger, it's best to steer clear of cheap ˝fashion˝ corsets and invest in a better quality one with steel bones. It's best to start with an underbust corset as they are easier to lace up and wear, for example:

You should order one several inches smaller than your waist - although many recommend four inches, I'd say two inches are a better choice to begin with, especially if you already have a small waist :)
I really can't tell any stores from London, but I can give you some advice. Corset really prevents me from eating, but only if it's a very tight one (takes away at least 12 cm or so) - that really forces you to stand and sit straight, and makes it impossible to eat anything that makes your stomach swell (there's just no room for that). Eating is possible, but only light foods. No beer. :D

If you want a real, tight corset you need a good quality one - good quality one is comfortable and doesn't break in like two weeks. The best is of course if it's made for you and for you only, that's the only way you can get a corset that really fits.
But anyway, they are damn expensive. Make sure that the "bones" are metal - plastic ones are crap. Make sure it's long enough, too short (or too long on the other hand) corset is damn uncomfortable and looks stupid. So you definitely need to try it on, never buy a corset without trying it on. Try to find a store that knows something about corsets (there's some sex shops that do, and their corsets are cheaper than in some other places - but don't get fooled with regular sex shop crap quality porn corsets), they can help you to choose the right one.
I'm saving up and getting a corset for "waist training." Right now there's a 20/20 on the ABC website that has an episode featuring corsets and the women said it restricted their eating (among other things) and also gave their bodies an hour glass silhouette. I wear scrubs for work so I'm pretty sure I can put in the time commitment. And you can still workout while wearing it so I don't see it being an issue. Healthwise, my waist is naturally fairly small and it won't need to be coaxed too far...but I would love to have a more slender, curvy figure :luv:
Mine just came in yesterday, and I love it! It's from Orchard Corset, and I got it on sale for $69 (har har har). It's white leather underbust, size 20.
I got it mostly for the food control aspect, and for posture (mine sucks).
It's magical and I love it!
Want this one, badly:



From Artifice Clothing.
My waist is already pretty small (~23") so I'd need to get it to restrict down to 19". Guh. Ugh. Want want want! :p
If you order your corset you should make sure you can send it back. I ordered one super beautiful about half a year ago but sadly it didn't fit. It was too wide at the hips and made my upper body look really weird. When I have enough money (whenever this might be :hmm:) I ould like to have one custom made :)
Apparently, 22 years of wearing corsets led Dita Von Teese to being able to get down her waist to 16.5 inches!