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Feb 4, 2012
Coco Rocha, She is incredibly diverse in that she can do high fashion and commercial, no problem. She is also very active on social networking sites which is nice. In my opinion she is one of the most successful models in the industry.. I'm glad she has sucked it up and got skinny again, she looks lovely :luv:

Height 5'10"
Bust 33"
Waist 24"
Hips 34"
Shoes 8.5
- Wilhelmina, New York










I thought she deserved a proper model thread, if you want to read about her weight loss and Elle Brasil Cover Drama, here is the link.
She's been looking pretty good for the past year or so, her arms are so dainty.






I'm a fellow Canadian, so I hear about her often :)
Coco is such an amazing model. She'd sell anything! She's also a very capable business woman.
I also like her personality and attitude. I bet she's wonderful to work with, and that's most certainly a big part of her success in the industry. I don't find her necessarily "beautiful". I think she has very interesting features that can be scary sometimes :nervous:, but she's definitely the definition of "photogenic". With Coco, it's almost impossible to find an angle or facial expression that will produce a bad picture!
You guuuuuys why is she a "social media mogul"?!? Like she hosts workshops on how to handle social media, articles are written about how great she is at handling it, etc. I just don't see it! The pictures she posts are nothing special, and not even a good look into then"fashion world". I don't get it.
And not just her legs, I think her hair/lipstick and over all styling is amazing here, she looks so good! :luv:

:nod: love the whole thing too! Her boots and coat :luv:

THIS x100000!!! I went to check out the Diesel website right away to look up that jacket and those boots, gahhd, the power of a good model ;) She is flawless in this video. :bow:
I love these gifs of her shooting for James Houston’s Natural Beauty.

Looks like a fun photo shoot lol

I always hated her for the longest time because I thought she was just so overrated (particularly because of her name -- like how the world just eats up Chanel Iman just because her name is so fashion) and even more-so because of her 2006-2010 body :)puke:) and EVEN MORE for that lousy attitude she had towards the thinness standards in modeling. I wanted to slap her upside the head for not realizing how lucky she was to even have a place on a catwalk still after gaining the way she did. Until I realized, it seemed she was losing her jobs, then BAM she comes back 2011 with a skinny frame. I wanted to like her then, I really did, but I couldn't still because of her whole "if I want to eat a cheeseburger, I will" speech


All that being said, @SugarFree, you made me love her finally!!! :bow::lol:
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actually i think her legs look pretty chunky here:confused:

edit; as well in the one picture below this, but somehow it doesn't appear.

Yeah I noticed that, I chose the pictures based on her poses and her coco-ness rather than her weight :/
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She's such a knockout. I love her skinny look!