Coat/jacket to go with pencil/midi skirt

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Hi girls,
I like to wear below-knee skirts in summer so I can wear them without tights for work to look respectable without overheating! (yes I'm thinking about my summer wardrobe already)
They are perfect on super hot days but on days when I want to wear a cardi or jacket I really struggle to find one that goes! My leather jacket goes sometimes, but I think maybe I need something more cropped.
These are the types of skirts- I go for smart/casual and don't want to go down the formal route!


Any ideas?
I wouldn't wear it with a cropped jacket.
It really depends on what kind of silhouette you want to create. If you want to focus on your waistline, I'd suggest to put a jacket on and put a belt over it. You can easily do this with a blazer or a cardigan (though I'm not a big fan of cardigans haha) but you can also do it with something with alot more volume, like they did @ Burberry Prorsum last year.


But in my opinion, you can wear a lot of great jackets and coats over it. I really love it when someone wears a jacket just casually thrown over their shoulders. It shows the top underneath really clearly but the addition of the coat looks great.

I actually don't know what WOULDN'T work with a pencil skirt, but I don't really like cropped jackets to be honest, and I think that they're way less useful as they almost never look good with something that's not highwaisted. But that's just my opinion!
I love the huge coat ^ but perhaps it would be a bit much for summer?

I would actually like a very cropped jacked with a wide cut with your type of skirt, which would look a bit more dressy:



Or a jumper with a wide square cut:


Or else a little light twinset-type cardigan:


Not talking about the colours/patterns of those examples, just the general shape...
Maybe something long and light? And by light I mean super light, maybe an open knit at the heaviest? I would say loose in the sleeves, maybe a draped batwing? You can wear it out and flowy or belted in at the waist, depending on your mood/the weather :)

Other than that, maybe a super cropped trench or blazer for cooler days. Even a mini knit that just covers your shoulders.