Coach Sneakers: Cute or Tacky?

They are cute... I dont wear sneakers but if I saw some with these and something cute to go with them I would find them as tacky as some of the other ones offered by the brand
I don't like them, sorry. I thought the New kennedi sneakers were the only decent ones, but even then I wouldn't spend that much on them.

Totally agreed. Coach is too obvious of a brand for me... a bit like LV handbags.
Logos, no like. The sneaker itself isn't bad, it's the logo pattern that I don't like. You might as well scream "I spent a lot on these sneakers!! LOOOK!". So, in my opinion, tacky. Sorry. :meh:
I also don't like the big advertisement of logos on clothing... I was asking because someone on facebook uploaded a pic of the new Coach shoes her "bby daddy" had purchased for her.

Classy stuff, right?

Although, Coach does offer some nice heels and sandals. They're a bit more... subtle. Lol
I like that TYPE of sneakers, but over-branding is just yuck for me. I have a friend (more of an acquaintance, actually) who always picks the stuff with biggest logo... It's a big no-no for me.
The new kennedi sneaker is cute but I don't like the ones with the logos. I knew a girl who had bright red ones that said coach all over them :rolleyes:
Agree with all the people that said the logos make it tacky. I much prefer the Balenciaga sneakers.
The concept of coach sneakers disturns me. Coach brands itself as chic fashion, which is not the style I associate with sneakers. Or am I wrong and (high) fashion sneakers are everywhere and I just live under a rock?

In off topic news, those rainboots... definite what has been seen cannot be unseen. D=
Don't hate me for saying this, but I think Coach has gone downhill :( It used to be okay, but now that it has strayed away from the classic Cs and incorporated all these colors and designs and logos and glitter and graffiti styles and everything else. I know a lot of people really like Coach, and there are some good things whenever I check out the store! However, I think all the mismatching looks messy and unfashionable.
I think they look..meh =/ I wouldn't mind wearing them, but I also wouldn't look for them next time I go shopping..