Club Wear




Check this website out for amazing deals on club wear/dresses/shoes.
I have ordered from them two times and as long as you are careful and sure of what you want. You will love the stuff. The items are cheap such as a tops can be $5 and keep to the rule you get what you pay for.
I'm a thrift shopper I don't like to spend a lot of money and don't really have a lot of money to spend. Paying off a car currently and soon to add to it paying rent for an apartment. This might not be everyone's cup of tea for style.
If you plan to order from them message me so i can give you a few tips to watch out for. :luv:
I've bought shoes from here! Two pairs of booties, a pair of over-the-knee boots, and some cute peeptoe heels. They're not the greatest quality, but they were only ~$10 each so I can't complain. I haven't bought any clothes from them yet, though.
Yah they arent the most highest quality but still pretty good for that cheap of a price. Yah i ordered a pair of boots from them too I jsut cant wear them becuase i didnt realize from the picture that they were reallllyy high lol. But working on it. thats one of the cautions, boots are higher then they look in pictures lol. I havebought a tube top there that is like spandex and then a workout top which is really pretty but as well spandex. Then I got a dress which i havn't worn yet. But their clothes seem pretty good. Just have to watch out that it is a dress and not jsut a shirt that they portray as a dress but is really a tshirt that most likely will not fit over the ass.