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  1. Hi ladies! I know this is an international site with women from all over the globe. I was just wondering if anyone wears pieces from there country. I am Vietnamese and will be wearing a traditional Ao Dai Vietnamese wedding dress to my reception. :luv:
    Im going to wear a modern wedding dress to the ceremony though. I attached pics if you are interested in seeing my dresses!:highfive:

    I LOVE the Vietnamese dress. I plan to wear it again to formal occasions...cant do that in my wedding gown! ;)

    Wedding Gown is the "Galante" by Pronovias. I am having the flower removed.

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  2. Samira

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    You have the nicest taste!

    I'm half-Persian half-Swedish, and neither country really has a national dress ... but my grandfather's family are from India so whenever I see them I wear the most gorgeous saris. I feel so glam in them :luv:
  3. Thank you! :highfive:

    I LOVE Indian saris! Thats actually where I got the idea to find a Vietnamese wedding dress. I was watching a wedding show and the bride decided to wear a tradition Indian wedding Sari. It was so beautiful in bright red with Swarvoski crystals all over. I was in love.:luv:
  4. classichic

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    Jan 27, 2012
    There aren't any clothing from my heritage except I do have my mum's old traditional Swiss dress that she wore to parades and I have one dress I wore when I was really young but people don't wear that everyday.

    I really want to try on a Japanese dress and a sari :)
  5. AK91

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    I'm Indian so I get to wear sarees a lot - at weddings and at certain functions that I have to attend (pertaining to classical dance).
    My mom and grand mom have the most stunning sarees. Since we're north Indian, there are less in silk, and more in gorgeous, flowy chiffon!
    For myself, I've bought net sarees as well.
    I swear I would literally wear a saree everyday if I could - and I will, when I work. I think it's the sexiest thing ever! Because I hate my legs, but love my top, I love how it looks on me :grin:

    I also like wearing lehengas (preferably with longer tops)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    But more for weddings in my close family

    Then stuff like salwar kameezs I wear often, for dance rehearsal and on days I feel fat and when it's really hot :p
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Edit : Also, I looooove the picture of that first white gown. STUNNING!
  6. Babydoll

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    I have Chinese heritage, I was born in Peru and I have Spanish family. The closest things I've ever worn to cultural clothing were: a Disney's Mulan costume for Halloween, Peruvian "Marinera" dance costumes for an exhibition in 1st grade and a shirt I bought in Spain as a souvenir. So, not really :(
    By the way, the gowns are beautiful! :)
  7. Scarlet

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    @skinnyhawaiiangirl : The white dress is so beautiful. :)

    It´s somhow unfair how gorgeous traditional asian, indian or oriental clothes are - and how well they can be combined with modern clothes and still worn nowadays!
    German or generally european traditional stuff looks just unflattering and ridiculous to me... Hell no, I´d never wear a "Dirndl", not even for special occasions. I really love traditions and I respect when people show their patriotism and love and respect for their roots and culture, but these dresses are hideous.
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  8. classichic

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    Jan 27, 2012
    Couldn't agree with you more.
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  9. Silent Night

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    Feb 8, 2012
    For me that would look like this:


    So, no :grin:

    But your two dresses are lovely!
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  10. aelie

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    I'm German too, but living in the states for my moms job. My parents always used to dress me in German traditional clothes but the second I learned how to dress myself I stopped wearing them. But I LOVE the indian and asian dresses. So colorful, flowy, and beautiful.
  11. thinnfinnk

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    My native country does have a traditional dress, but it's not very attractive, so I don't ever wear it.

    Finnish people are so uncool. :(


  12. ZeroDiet

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    Jan 22, 2012
    Wow that second dress is breathtakingly beautiful! And her body shape! :luv:

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