Clothes Loves/Hates?



Hey girls :) I was wondering, I'm going to be outfitting pretty much a new wardrobe before my transition from Hawaii to England and need some style ideas! So what are some of your go-to pieces and some of your most hated items? I've been perusing the model street-style thread (hehe) but need some more inspiration <3
I love wearing black skinny jeans. Lately I've been wearing cashmere sweaters because of the cold weather. Black biker boots. Long wool coat. Pretty much this on most days. I love my black beanie right now, but not really a hat person.

I can't think of anything I hate right now.
@classichic: Unf cashmere. J'adore~ Oh and wool coats are heavenly in cold weather! They remind me of Albert Camus :)
@imagirlet: Striped pants are the bomb~
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As far as I've seen from blogs and tourists, British people tend to go for a wacky/hipster/slutty style and are not aftraid to express themselves (style questionable). So you're going to be pretty free to wear whatever you like.

If you're building a wardrobe before going to England (why btw? Lots of nice clothes there, I'm sure), go for good basics and some pop of color (2 good normal jeans, 1 colored jean if you like, black tights, 2 casual dresses, versatile mini skirt or versatile shorts, a good stylish and quality coat, 2 blazers, sweaters, 2 cardigans, nice blouses/tops, scarfs, hats/hoodie, gloves, some bling) . If you go for stylish, make a commitment to never buy simple t-shirts (except for sleeping in/home).
Humm, I usually like to wear something close-fitting on the bottom and looser on the top. My go-to lately has been black combat boots or chunky black wedges with big socks, grey/black jeans or leggings, and a long baggy grey/black/white sweater of some sort. It's nice to have a bit of a 'uniform' when you pack, everything goes together better that way and you have to bring less :)

And then I pile on about 20 scarves and a jacket. Woo!

As far as skinny girl dressing, I think you should remember to highlight your smallest area. For example, right above my knees is quite slim, but my upper thighs... Well, I have notes. So I wear longer, baggy sweaters that cover my upper thighs or loose dresses and tights. Similarly, I like my collarbone area so I wear loose-neck shirts a lot, but I dislike my ankles (weird) so I wear boots or chunky socks.
@Peppertea3: I'm getting new clothes because it's an endless summer in HI and winter exists in Britain haha :) And I like your suggestions~
@SatelliteEyes: I love doing the uniform thing, haha it's so easy
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