Clothes are my best motivator for losing weight!


Mar 26, 2012
Clothing related things keeping me weary of snacking :wtf:

My friend is getting married and is sending me the bridesmaid's dress so I can get it altered to fit me, but I think I may have given her too-small measurements

My mother ordered my white dress for college graduation next May (eek!) today from Lilly Pulitzer, in a size 2.

Beach vacation with my boyfriend and his family - bikini. Need I say more? :wtf:

It's fear factor diet :twisted:
I know the feeling!

My brothers wedding is in 3 weeks - I need to find a dress.

I'm moving in a month - I need to be able to pack light and that means bringing my smallest clothes.

I'm taking dance classes at my new school and auditioning for a team - I need to fit into a leotard without looking like a chubster and dance without creating any thunder.

I'm going to be leaving a lot of my old clothes behind so I will need to buy new ones in my new town - I want to be my thinnest in order to feel justified buying new clothes (I hate buying new clothes only to have them be too big in two weeks. What a waste of money!)
I also forgot, my current dance instructor will be taking my measurements for costumes next week. No pigging for me! :nervous:
I also forgot, my current dance instructor will be taking my measurements for costumes next week. No pigging for me! :nervous:

Yes, that right there is THE best motivation ever. And this is coming from the girl who had to get her tutu re-done. Probably the most humilliating, shameful experience ever.
Ya I'm a little nervous because I haven't weight or measured myself in about a month. The CW in my sig is from the end of May after I pretty much spent that whole month binging. :oops: (The good news is I've been going strong since then) I have no idea what my measurements will be, but I'm kind of nervous to find out. :nervous:
YES! I bought this PERFECT little black dress and it fits me great (a bit on the tight side)! I wanted a dress like that since forever, so it will be a great motivator to stay thin all through the winter and hopefully even lose, since I'll be wearing collared shirts under it and will probably need to fit a layer of thermal underwear there aswell :lol:
I totally agree! In middle school I was a size 0, then I hurt my back and ballooned up to a size 4 which I had been at for a while until sort of recently. Fortunately I have clothes from size 0-4, and it's really fun to try them on and have new clothes fit and other ones get too big. :)
I just bough some black skinny jeans I found in a UK 4 (US 0). I can get them on but they are tight and uncomfortable.

I'm shrinking until they're baggy on me :cool: