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Discussion in 'Models' started by Babydoll, Aug 5, 2012.

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    She's this model who wrote a memoir called "Model: A Memoir" and it talks about her career. Apparentley, she says she is a "succesful model" but come on! If you actually were you would:
    a) probably be on
    b) doing runway and editorial a lot (I don't see her anywhere)
    c) probably already have your thread here
    The book is nice, and I like how she writes, however, I cannot believe how rude she can be with agents and bookers and photographers, and get away with it. I find it hard to believe. You judge yourself gurls:
    This is Cheryl:
    She doesn't convince me though. And she's no thinspo. At all.
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  2. Babydoll

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    Book cover:
  3. Arabella

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    I have never heard of her and I am not very impressed by these pictures. I like her legs though.
  4. Silent Night

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    Feb 8, 2012
    You can absolutely be a successful model and be basically totally unknown outside your client group and never set foot on a runway - there are thousands of models like that who aren't famous, just doing jobs in catalogues, low-end campaigns, the occasional editorial, private fashion shows etc, and making very good money (probably better than plenty of high fashion models). Depends if you see fame as essential to success, or getting steady work and making $.

    That said, I think her body is too large and lumpy and her face looks like a stoner pelican.

    She also seems to gave a bizarre aversion to changing in public, which I believe would probably be quite a handicap in the modelling world:

    (From the Amazon link)

    Without succumbing to the many temptations models are exposed to... and without losing a grasp on her values (like refusing to change clothes in front of a roomful of people just to land a job)' :lol:

    Girl, changing in front of a roomful of people is your job :lol:
  5. antelope

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    Feb 20, 2012
    :lol: best thing i read today
  6. Olivia

    Olivia Guest

    Not impressive boring and what little shots she has are mediocre
  7. MinnieMay

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    I don't like her as a model, I mean if she were a "normal" girl I would say that she's ok, but...a model???
  8. shannon5

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    I was under the impression you had to be talented to be a model? All of these shots are very underwhelming, to say the least. Her face is very unfortunate.

    As silly as ANTM is, I feel like this girl would really benefit from a month long, Tyra instructed Smize bootcamp. As well as a makeover.

    Also, Cheryl Diamond sounds like a pornstar name. Maybe this poor girl was just in the wrong industry.
  9. Babydoll

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    I thought of that too at first. But in the book she constantly repeats that she worked in high fashion/is an editorial model, goes to runway castings for big brands (Louis Vuitton, Versace) and does loads of runway jobs and people loved her walk. And then in an interview they introduced her in a way like "Top model Cheryl Diamond is one of the most sought-after faces in high fashion today..." or something like that and I was like wtf :wtf:

    It's an obvious lie. She even looks down at commercial/catalogue modeling in the book and states proudly that she is a high fashion model.
    I find that really annoying. I'm sure other readers who don't know a lot about the fashion/modeling industry would buy it but fashion-obsessed people like, well, us, could easily know that she is NOT a "one of the most sought-after faces". :meh:

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