Charlotte Le Bon

Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by Arctic, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Arctic

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    Jun 11, 2012
    She's an old model and she's now an actress. I don't really like her body (too chubby for my taste) but I think she has an amazing face ( like a "modern" Audrey Hepburn)... What do you think of her, girls? :) :luv:

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  2. suzy

    suzy Guest

    Oh I think she's gorgeous .
  3. Scarlet

    Scarlet Guest

    She has a beautiful personal style and I really love her hair! So full and healthy looking.
    Many celebs go for a certain look in photoshoots or for special occasions only, and change their style like chameleons or insecure teenagers most of the time, but she seems to follow a constant line, which I like!

    Her body is a little too much IMHO, slim and nice overall, but not thinspo material. -but then again she┬┤s not a model (anymore)

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