Celebrity Weight Criticism

Ireland Baldwin addresses her haters on tumblr for calling her "fat" when she's just a 17-year-old girl going through her "awkward phase."

You're a "model", it's your job. If you think it's awkward now, wait until you hit 21 and your metabolism slows right down :rolleyes:

Jessica Simpson made headlines when she stepped on stage in "mom jeans." She later told Oprah, "I love my curves, I'm not ever going to be a size zero and I don't want to weigh 90 pounds."

When I see Jessica Simpson on Fashion Star, and her chin is almost disappearing into her boobs, she looks so big and bloated and I think well she's pregnant I guess...but I'm fairly sure she wasn't at the time of filming. And really, in pregnancy you don't need to gain 100 lbs. You're actually not supposed to 'eat for two' or anything like that either.
But she looks MASSIVE especially when next to Nicole Ritchie! (Who has also had kids, by the way).