Celeb Crush Modivation



Okay, i know this seems silly! But do any of you get the slightest bit of motivation from crushing on your dream man/lady?

Do you ever think about how you want to look if you ever meet them?

I didn't think too much of it until I found out one of my ultimate celeb crush's, James Franco, is coming to speak at my college.

James Franco you are just in time because I am a newly single lady! I mean, come on, they are just people. If I somehow bump into the man, whose to say he wont think me attractive and intelligent? haha I CAN DREAM!

I also must admit I admire Russell Brand very much and with his flirtations nature If I ever meet him on a book tour or show I want to look super hot!

John Cusack and Mila Kunis would cause the same effect.

It's a little funny, but hey any motivation works!


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Well crap.

I was going on about being smart and I spelled motivation wrong in the title. Does anyone know how to fix it?
I agree, motivation is motivation right? all the attractive guys in the lord of the rings movies probably contributed to giving me an ED back in high school lol this is perhaps an exaggeration but point stands :lol:
That's horrible... but so funny! lol

I have lost a few pounds extra this week. Hmmmm. Wonder wonder.

Come on, I mean.. It's James Franco.. Here.. In front of my face

(too old to be this excited haha)