Cats in Sinks



Sorry this may seem silly to alot of you gurls but I just thought it was so cute and funny so I thought I would share :lol:
It is a website dedicated to cats in sinks! :lol: This is for cat lovers only :p
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nawww haha!

My cat spends her life in the sink. She seriously won't get out until we turn the water on, and she then proceeds to drink from the toiled bowl... Oh how I love cats :luv:
Heres my baby in the sink before she got SUPER fat. Lol she's my reverse thinspo.

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I love cats in sinks! I'll have to snap a photo of my Igor the next time he does this and submit it. :)
Kitty and I just did a photoshoot exclusively for the benefit of this thread. Anyone want to offer her a modelling contract?





Delightful, what's her name?

Kitty, short for Katherine. She's fabulous, darling. Part of the upper echeleons of Manhattan society, alongside with her best friends Bunny and Muffy, a.k.a. the ladies-who-lunch. All locatable in the grand ol' Social Register (family names at least 4 generations back), natch.