Catalina Su- Giuliana Rancic's makeup artist


Mar 26, 2012


If you google catalina su she doesn't look that thin though, so I wouldn't take too many diet tips off her.
At least she's promoting eating less and healthier as opposed to selling some 'bikini meal plan' like most of the girls on ig now days
She is the standard California girl thin-fit build/look, not necessarily skinny. I like her blog well enough to stay tuned to it though:) A bit too dress down & gym visiting for my personal style, but I can appreciate it even if it's not really SG skinny and some of her wardrobe pieces are actually good finds (shoes, lingerie, basic black essential items--especially when on sale!)~~just something light-hearted and fun on the internet:p from a non-celeb who works in a career dealing with celebs