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Mar 18, 2012
I love this bitch. I find her hilarious, irreverent, self-deprecating, fascinating in a train-wreck-sort-of-manner, unapologetic, entertaining and bluntly honest. Plus, I think she's a fucking good writer.

For those of you who don't know her, she's hit infamy status in New York circles - she's a 30 year old journalist who worked for Lucky and was their beauty editor for a while before leaving for rehab. She then getting hired on to be the beauty/fashion editor at XOJane, where she wrote her columns 50% about beauty products and 50% about her experience with drug use. She's vocal and honest about her hard methamphetamine/coke/dust use - she left XOJane this past summer and got hired to write more strictly about her drug use at Vice in her Amphetamine Logic column. I'm a big Bret Easton Ellis fan and she's been likened to him more than once, which is probably why I enjoy reading her stuff - kind of a microcosmal glimpse into what's wrong with the upper-set circles of society - the glitz, the glam, the dirt and the drugs.

Her Vice stuff is here:
Her XOJane stuff is here:

She frequently and honestly also writes about her relationship with her weight: she is enamored with being skinny, isn't always healthy about it and tends to honestly vocalize how she approaches it. She recently slimmed down quite a bit, and has entered true heroin chic status (quite literally lol). Yes she's a bit trashy, yes she's a hot mess, but she has a brilliant literary voice. Yes she angles to be skinny and not at all in a healthy way obviously, but just wanted to see if anyone else has heard of her/follows her stuff (especially since she's covered a few seasons of NYFW and is out and about in the NY scene).



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she looks effin hot! i am going to read some of these tomorrow ;)
My boyfriend introduced her to me a while back then I forgot her name and have been trying a to remember for some time! Thanks for these links! It was driving me nuts I think her writing is great entertainment.