Carrie Bradshaw!



.... just kidding

Sarah Jessica Parker.....watching reruns of sex and the city
my friend thinks she ugly but i think she's super cute but she seem like she was always small... under is a pic from 1993.. i even remember girls just want to have fun she was skinny


She's starting to get some Maddona-esque arms these days but she's always been pretty small (granted I never saw that Square Pegs show - that whole not being alive yet thing) but I think she was even at least thin in Footloose (which IMDB tells me was a few years before Girls Just Want to Have Fun) and she's shorter too (like 5'3" or 5'4").

I couldn't stand her when I first saw SatC, and she's definitely not the most attractive lady in the world in my opinion, but when I watch re-runs now and current interviews she does seem like a nice lady, has a certain cuteness, and has some interesting, sometimes brilliant style.