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There's a thread of her TED talk, but there's not a thread about her!

She's more of a lingerie model, but she does fit nicely in the All-American, preppy girl look (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Madewell, etc.). I used to find her rather dull and boring, but she has proved that she really can pull off high fashion, she's rather elegant in campaigns/editorials!

From Elite Model Management:

Height: 178cm
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 58cm
Hips: 86cm
Shoe: 39.5 EU
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Brown

I didn't pay much attention to her before. But I do love her in this editorial. It's very simple, but she does fit the part well. And her legs look really good and loong!

"Love in a Warm Climate" with Benjamin Eidem by Lachlan Bailey, A Man About Town Magazine Summer 2013











On another note, I know that many didn't like her TED talk because she seemed to be "complaining", but I actually liked it. She was honest, and she didn't come off as whiny to me. She actually appeared to be very brave, I respect her a lot more because it sure takes a lot of guts to point out what is wrong in an industry you are part of. Especially when the "norms" in that industry are actually very much in your favor (tall, slender, white but tanned girl, a dream for lingerie/beachwear clients). Some of her points I didn't agree on (such as implying that the heavily fixed images produced in fashion are sending a wrong message), but she does make a point that image IS very powerful in our society, and we have to realize how much influence it really has in our daily lives and the world around us.
"Miami Heat" by Benny Horne, Vogue Australia February 2013

I like her body here. She's not skinny but she's certainly very lean and toned.










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I really like her! Not the VS shoots though.

But she indeed is my perception of "mediterranean beauty". :)
@floatingthistle Thanks for posting her talk; I really enjoyed it. I especially like how she refers to her professional photos as "constructs," created by a team of fashion-related industrial professionals. It reminds me of how there was this girl whose photos I saw online (via a blog) first, and I thought she looked so pretty in those photos, especially her seemingly flawless skin. Then when I met her in real life, I was shocked. I could clearly tell that she was wearing pasty foundation over acne-ridden skin. I was very disoriented because I perceived her photos to be "reality," when in fact they were a "construct" edited slightly to hide her imperfections.

Cameron Russell's talk is a good reminder to not put women we perceive as prettier on perfect pedestals, and to be kinder to ourselves.

Her beauty to me seems very down-to-earth, perhaps because I am combining her image with her presented personality. I like it. :)
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well other than the awkward photos above of course....

I actually just watched her TED video and she seemed sincere...and normal...and a bit nervous! There is no denying it though, she IS a really pretty girl! It's that commercial pretty, but at least she has a killer lingerie body without looking trashy. I like that about her. If I had to stare at a non-vlada body type model in a bikini, then it would be Cameron Russell (second to maybe a YOUNG Naomi...). She would make me want to buy stuff too. And get hair extensions....and some of that same fake tan too! (which I normally find REPULSIVE)

Sorry Cameron, I totally get why people are nice to you as a pretty girl. I might stop and stare & maybe even try to cop a feel if I saw ya too! Ok, just kidding on the last part heheheh
Has anybody been looking at her Instagram lately? She's been posting anonymous stories of sexual abuse within the industry. Dazed wrote an article about it here.

It's so heartbreaking, but I think people forget that this isn't just a fashion industry problem, an acting industry problem, etc., this is an ALL THE TIME PROBLEM. I cannot count the amount of times stuff like this has happened to me. From being cat called, groped, assaulted, taken advantage of etc. This is a problem of how men treat and see women. It breaks my heart but I also feel solidarity, and I hope that these are the steps towards change.
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