Bunny Holiday



Hi Gurls !

Being myself a HUGE fan of american apparel's clothing, I discovered today their new limited collection called "Cali Sun and Fun", which I found amazing, as usual, but the clothes weren't the only thing I was looking at. The model they used for that collection happened to have THE body I have always dreamt about. Literally my dream bod. Check the collection http://store.americanapparel.net/subCategory/index.jsp?subCatId=cali-sun-fun

I googled the model, who's actually a rapper, called Bunny Holiday.
You can look at her physique on her instagram http://instagram.com/bunnyholiday#

you might not agree with my "body tastes" but I really think hers is PERFECT.

btw, does anybody know how to get such a body ? I mean, I've been struggling to get a slimmer butt for a long time, and I still wish I could get on like Bunny Holiday's. Mine is quite muscular, and more proeminent, so do you think I should cardio more, or do more lunges ? Eat less fat ? Or do you think it's just my genes and I'll never be able to have such a bum ?

Let's ask this through another point of view: how far can you actually change your body through musculation, exercise and diet ? For example, if you work on your shoulders and upper body, will you body store what you eat in those areas, and forget the rest (ie, your thighs and bum) ? Or, could eating more protein make your body go from a pear-shape to a reverse triangle shape ? Do you believe your body is totally changeable or do you absolutely have to have some surgery done to make it look the way you want it to ?

xoxoxo, love you and thnks

She could definitely stand to lose 10lbs. I like her hair though.

To answer your questions:
Well, how your fat is distributed is partially genetics, also how much muscle you build, but you can stop both by simply eating less and losing weight. Obviously some people will be tinier than others, but losing 20lbs should fix you right up.

You can't change your body type (i.e. go from pear to apple or hourglass or whatever). Your body TYPE is genetics. HOWEVER, you can change the way that looks - even pear shapes can be pretty skinny if they try hard.
Surgery should only be the answer in extreme cases (however, I'm very against surgery unless medical emergency, but some people might see that differently).

You can't really change how your body stores fat - but you can make your body store less fat overall.
As to how to get bunnys body.. I don't know, I'm skinnier than her, so I guess eat more and exercise less? :nervous: :twisted: