Brooke Shields



I searched for her thread, but I didn't find anything. :wtf:

And she definitely deserves one, especially young 80's Brooke:








Honestly the most beautiful of all the 80's actresses. :bow:
she's so pretty
I think she looks like this gal ( which is funny since she was in the remake of blue lagoon)
I never understood why she was (is?) so widely lauded as a being of supreme beauty. She looks like somebody I wouldn't notice in a crowd; cute, pretty, forgettable. Like Meg Ryan.

I've never seen her act, so I'm basing this solely on the way she looks in this thread and on the LazyBoy commercials. But to me Supernova looks a lot more distinct and memorable than Shields does.
I kind of dislike her because the first time I remember seeing her act was in that movie Freeway and it totally freaked me out when she shot herself in the head. And I seen her in That 70's Show where she basically played a rich, conceited trophy girl that stole attention from all the girls' boyfriends on the show. And then I'm always seeing her in those laze boy/toothpaste commercials and she comes off so "perfect" and "goody goody" and high maintenance in almost all her roles, sort of like Martha Stewart or something. Same for Taylor Swift, and I really don't think they're pretty...just ok. that's just how I feel, idk. :oops: