Breakfast at Tiffany's



Has anyone watched?
Audrey Hepburn was such a thinspiration!



I really loved this movie and adored the book!
This is one of the only movies I never get tired of watching over and over (I've watched it thirty two times and a half!)
I find her kind of boring ... she looks very childlike to me.
I think she's gorgeous. I just watched this movie for the fist time a couple of weeks ago and I loved it.
I also watched it for the 1st time a few weeks ago, but I didn't like the movie. I loved her though, she looked so amazingly gorgeous. :luv:
I love this movie, the music, the colours.. puts me in a great mood. I want her apartment!
I didn't like the movie at all, but I still really like her.
The very reason I sang "Moon river" the other night at Karaoke party...
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Someone at my apartment told me I look like her last year but that was on 4-5 days a week of hard cardio intervals.
My parents named me after Holly! Not because they hoped I would be a prostitute. It was because of lovely Audrey and witty Truman. @skinny4ever, what a compliment. You can live on that for years.
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I've seen this film dozens of times. I love the character, even though she does get annoying in some scenes. The acting style was different years ago. They liked women to be a bit over dramatic. I think she was beautiful.
I cannot believe I had never seen this film before!

I could watch Audrey Hepburn float around the silver screen forever. She is just so lovely and graceful. Exactly how I want to be.
The clothes! Her arms! Those collar bones!!

Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but I loved watching it and just wanted to recommend it to anyone like me who may have just never gotten around to watching it