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Discussion in 'Clothes' started by Tzippi, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Tzippi

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    So I'm sure everybody has heard of Brazilian cut bottoms and there seem to be several different types commonly found here in the US. Mostly the cheekies and Brazilian cut which look like these.

    Cheekies. [​IMG]
    Brazilian cut [​IMG]

    However, I want something similar to these two, ideally the second

    Does anybody know where to get bikini bottoms like this in the states? Or even online? I've tried everywhere and it's almost impossible to find what I want.
  2. Ive seen these at Victorias secret..
  3. SatelliteEyes

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    Feb 21, 2012
    That last one's looking an awful lot like some straight-up thong action.

    I agree that VS is your best bet though. I envy your confidence.
  4. shannon5

    shannon5 Guest! I just got a bikini from them and it is amazing quality and construction, I have a lot of bikinis and I literally cannot find anything similar. They have a lot of different cuts so you can find your own comfort level.
  5. Tzippi

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    The first bikini is from VS the rest are from Brazilian companies. @shannon5 I've seen that company before and I've been thinking about buying from them but I was wondering is the front as low as it looks on the models? I don't want to pull a Kate Upton :sneaky:

    @SatelliteEyes Hahaha yeah not everyone loves the thong bikini and I've only recently come to fall in love with it. It's a little risque but I'm not one to walk around in a bikini alone so it isn't as bad as it appears. I actually have a cheeky form VS which I adore but I wanted a real Brazilian cut to add to my collection.
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    I got a super cute pair of bottoms from Victoria's Secret last year with a thick ruched waistband and a cheeky backside - I always get tons of compliments!

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