Black Milk: Trashy or Trendy?

I like some of their clothes (especially with Star Wars and Middle Earth patterns), but I feel my body has way too many imperfections to pull them off...

I kinda admire the people in the photos... I wish I could buy something like that and go out without feeling self-conscious :(
It's not my thing. I think some it's downright trashy. But today I saw a girl wearing one item and it looked kind of okish. I thought of SG website when I saw her, because I'd never heard of black milk before.

Also, if it's polyester I can't wear it, I'm sensitive to the fabric.
You're right of course, @classichic. I'd say MOST are trashy, but the middle earth leggings! The trashiness of being essentially naked under all that non-fabric is TOTALLY cancelled out by the nerdgasmic print, no?? I know I'm not the only one who loves LOTR here. But I would have to be at my GW to even DREAM of wearing those leggings. Not any of the other stuff--especially not the R2D2 dress. It makes the girls look very booth-babe-at-comic-con...not something I'm interested in looking like. But I digress. Moral of the story? Be skinny and maybe pull off ridiculous clothes. Yep.
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I really want the LOTR map dress.

But not enough to make myself wear something made out of swimsuit material.
I was looking at their page and now I reaaaallly want the Middle Earth map dress :(

But yeah, I can't imagine dressing like that to any other place than the beach and its vicinity ;)

I also don't really get the girls going around in swimsuits - it makes me think of Liz Lemon, when she run out of clean underwear she always wore swimsuits :lol:
Some girls on their Facebook page are asking for them to make plus sizes...


They better not.
Here in Australia their stuff is worn usually by girls who wear too much fake tan who want to seem cool because they go to the Big Day Out* and listen to Triple J** and drink cider.

*The big day out was cool in about 1995 but every music festival here gets overrun by dickheads as soon as it gets popular enough. The bogans who go there are run around with Australian flags over their shoulders (as a symbol of wishing the White Australia Policy was still around) still love it though.
**Triple J is the radio station you listen to if you want to seem like you're cool and alternative but don't actually have taste

I go to Big Day Out, listen to Triple J and have been known to occasionally drink cider and definitely don't do it to "seem cool" haha. :) Similarly, I have a friend who wears a lot of Black Milk but doesn't wear fake tan and has not a bogan bone in her body - she's 5'11 tall, has fiery long red hair and is just completely gorgeous. Whenever she goes out in her "Cathedral" dress she gets a lot of compliments!

So I suppose its just one of those things that some people do wear and wear very well but there are also trashy, orange tanned girls running around in it with Australian flags draped over their shoulders. ;)

Personally, I'm not a fan of Black Milk and wouldn't wear it myself, probably also because of the skanky, orange festival girl connotations however some non-skanky girls do wear it and rock it!