Bethenny Frankel



Hmm not sure where to put her. She is a reality celebrity on Bravo and has numerous books to promote skinnygirl. i think she is around 5'4 to 5'6 and 118. Shes not really pretty but does have a decent body. Interested in hearing feedback
I'm not a fan of her look to be honest. She kind of looks gaunt and she's not that thin
Not a fan of her either. She just doesn't look good. Period.
She's alright. She's all about "taste everything but eat nothing." That ok if you can do that, but her book was kind of just ok. She's no Kim Snyder. She does have a good list of low calorie cocktails however. She also coined "eat until diminishing returns." Basically eat until you feel like you have tasted the food then put it down. She sorta looks like someone who was once heavy because all of the weight she lost really shows in the wrinkles in her face. Meh.
I think it's her pentagonal face that kinda prevents me from liking her too much, even though she's supposedly really nice
Wonder if you've seen

I've never herd of her before but I just did a quick search and she looks kinda old for her age. I think she's either been chubby before and or has lost a lot weight fast. I'm not a fan of her body either.

Her diet plan sounds like a gimmick to me.
Bethenny came out and said she's 115. But did anyone else see that photograph of her wearing her daughters pajamas?