Beth Ostrosky Stern

Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by Millan, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Millan

    Millan Guest

    I think she has the perfect body. Toned, skinny, not an ounce of fat, beautiful hair.

    In this video of her on Jimmy Fallon she stands up at 1:38 seconds. *drool*

    My photobucket is refusing to upload the pics I downloaded of her.
  2. Millan

    Millan Guest

    Hopefully this works. :wtf:

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  3. Xsmall

    Xsmall Super Star

    Apr 22, 2012
    Honestly I saw her in a magazine yesterday and thought, wow! Nice body! She is long and lean and looks skinny fit.
    I also love her love of animals :)
  4. Katrine

    Katrine Worker Bee

    Jan 23, 2012
    Nice body, indeed! Her face is too average to me, to easy to forget :meh:
  5. Millan

    Millan Guest

    Me too... I am an avid Howard listener and he always talks about her eating habits and her body. First, that she never eats and when she does it is fish and vegetables. I don't think we are allowed to guess at stats, so I won't comment, but I know she is 5'10.

    She does so much for animals. I feel so bad for her because their beloved english bulldog Bianca is sick and may need to be put down :(

    Look at her wedding dress... I must have this body. I will one day...

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  6. Millan

    Millan Guest

    Totally agree!! Although, I think she has beautiful hair. There is something weird with her eye placement maybe? Like they are too close together?

    The male listeners to Howard are BRUTAL about her face. They have a SternFanNetwork forum and they call her horse face!

    She is the female Micheal Phelps to me. Body = Perfection, what face?? ha

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