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  1. Has anyone heard of this Tumblr blog? She is still big but used to be 230 pounds... She has great advice and I really like her gifs! I know this site is more "pro-ana" almost but I think her blog is good. Does anyone have any other tumblr blogs like this they could share???
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    I see this is your first post, so first welcome.

    Second, here is a thread discussing some of the favorite tumblrs. A lot of them are from members of the forum and have great inspiration, motivation, and healthy tips.

    Just to emphasize, this forum and site are really more pro-skinny than "pro-ana." You'll find after looking around that many members have recovered from EDs. Most here are more interested in achieving the skinny aesthetic in a healthy manner. Yes, there are those that maybe pushing the limits and pro-disordered people occasionally pop up but overall this is a wonderfully informative and supportive community of skinny-loving girls.
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    Hi getting health-er!

    That's a very interesting blog. I really like the pictures she's posted!

    Seconding what Cel said, this is not a pro-ana forum.

    This forum is about achieving the skinny-aesthetic in the healthiest manner possible and commenting on skinny/not so skinny celbs and models.

    Members of this forum have actively discouraged anything physically or mentally harmful like EDs.
    So while calorie restriction on this forum and some meaner comments might be taken as extreme, they are not pro-ana.
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    I missread your post and thought you were saying HER blog was pro ana and checked it out. She has great advice. I just followed her, thanks for the link. But I was like WTF is she talking about. You are saying THIS site is pro ana? How about you actually read through the forum before saying something like that. If you are paying attention to it, you would know that isn't the case.
  5. Ah I apologize I saw posts like starving tips and just assumed, my bad. After reading through some though I see It's not like that here! Just the occasional girls haha. Yeah I just discovered her blog the other day! Lovely posts.

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