Behati Prinsloo



She is a Victoria’s Secret model, I fond her very cute and beautiful :)
love her freckles:luv:
what do you think?

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I absolutely love Behati, she seems to have such a sweet personality and a beautiful face but I have noticed in some photos (also in the VS runway shows) that her stomach is quite untoned.

She does have lovely legs though, and her stomach looks awesome in those photos if they haven't been edited too much (which sadly VS has a habit of).
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Can't say she has the best body of the VS models but she is probably my fav just because she's so sweet and cute and I think she's quite gorgeous wish she'd lose some weight/tone then she'd be perfect!
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Not a fan of her body, a bit too bulky in my opinion, but she is so sweet, and hey, I would still die to look like her!
Behati Prinsloo for Seafolly Summer 2012


She looks amazing. I'm just wondering whether the tan is real or whether it's photoshop...because she looks a bit more tanned than usual, especially in that first pic.
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Whilst I'm not a huge fan of her body I do think she's one of the cuter VS models along with Chanel Iman, Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge :). And I absolutely adore her freckles, wish I had some.
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I never thought she was that special. I mean, of course she's beautiful and gorgeous, but compared to other models, especially VS models, she never really stuck out to me.
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She's my favorite VS model, I love her sweet crazy personality.

But for the love of god, Behati, do an Abbey Lee and lose some major poundage!
I love her personality and her style!!!




But now she is dating Adam Levine :superpuke:
Fill me up, what is wrong with Adam Levine? He seems quite nice and I have seen uglier guys...
I love her personality and style, but her face just really doesn't do it for me. I don't find her unattractive by any means, but at the same time, I don't find her to be pretty. I think it's because she's a bit too "cute" looking.
I may be terribly wrong, but a face like that promises a chunky body in the future...It just looks like she wouldn't care. I don't know.
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