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  1. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Guest

    Hey guys,

    Last weekend I watched Supersize vs. Superskinny, a reality show where a skinny girl swaps her diet with a supersize fat person for 5 days. I gave the youtube link, because only UK residents can watch all of the episodes on Channel 4 home page.
    Anyway, Tatiana Moxey is so gorgeous, she's perfect! I don't get it how they want to change her. Too bad she is only 5'7, otherwise she'd make a great runway model.

    Also I saw BBC How to be Slim and if that doesn't get you motivated, then nothing will. It's a real gem, I think everyone should watch this film! And I love BBC style that makes documentaries exciting and fun to watch. It's loaded of skinny tips. (Spoiler: no, your skinny, tall friend that eats junk all day hasn't got a fast metabolism!)

    So what do you think? :D Ever seen any of these?
  2. Apple

    Apple Rising Star

    Jan 16, 2012
    Thanks for the links! The whole metabolism thing really caught me by surprise. One of the suggested videos I saw while watching How To Be Slim was The Truth About Online Anorexia. Pretty interesting show.
  3. Victoria

    Victoria Guest

    supersize vs superskinny LOVE

    ooooh, supersize vs superskinny is one of my favourite programmes! I love the fact that it shows you what they eat in a week - its so interesting and motivating. It does scare me a bit when they show you all the health problems that come with being superskinny though... but still, great show!
  4. skinflint

    skinflint Guest

    Ooh, cool - I LOVE supersize vs superskinny. I was obsessed with
    it last autumn. When they plop all of that horrible 'food' down those
    plastc tube things....ew!
  5. StarvedFatass

    StarvedFatass Rookie

    Jan 19, 2012
    these documentaries are really great. super motivation. i will watch the one you suggested( how to be slim)
    Have anyone watched "superskinny me"? How did you like that?
  6. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Guest

    I have, but years ago on television. Not very inspiring. Two journalists compete who will shrink to size 0 first. They get pretty disgusting with it and in the end they are so lucky to eat cakes all day, so they can gain back their normal sizes 10 or 12.

    But I guess it can be watched for entertainment. :rolleyes:
  7. I just watched How to be Slim last night. I thought it was pretty interesting, but not that entertaining. The skinny tips were good, but I would have preferred to just read a summary of the experiments and save some time instead of watching the entire film. I loved how they took a scientific approach to dieting though, and that they had a experiment to back each tip they gave. I'm planning to be a scientist, so I've always been pretty scientific about dieting too. But for those interested, here's a summary of their skinny tips:

    -proteins keep you fuller than carbs and lipids do
    -soup keeps you fuller than the same amount of food and water do
    -skinny people you think have a fast metabolism actually just eat less (so if you're fat, you don't have a slow metabolism; you just eat a lot)
    -dairy products help with weightless because your intestines don't absorb them, so they pass through your system and take more fat with them than you would normally excrete
    -smaller portion sizes help you eat less (people eat about 45% more just because the portions are larger, even if the food tastes bad)
    -being reminded of how much you've eaten helps you eat less, so keep track of how much you eat (people overeat simply because they don't notice how much they've eaten)

    Going to watch Supersize vs. Superskinny this week :)
  8. Thanks for the summary! I've watched a lot of these shows, and I'm not sure if I can sit through another one, ha! But those are definitely thins that I've found to be true as well.
  9. TinyEmma

    TinyEmma Guest

    I love watching TV shows about weight!

    Supersize vs. Superskinny is a fave and I also adore The Biggest Loser - just for the entertainment value! Ha ha!

    We also have a show here in the UK called "Fat Families" - OH.MY.GOD. I have never seen such sheer greed, laziness and lack of caring about what these people look like. It amazes me. When you see what they eat - not a vegetable in sight, everything is processed and fatty... makes my stomach churn! Try and get it if you can - it's great reverse Thinspo!
  10. Damson

    Damson Guest

    I love "Fat Families" it makes me laugh how the presenter doesn't sugar cote anything and calls them all 'Massive Fatties." Don't know why but it makes me giggle every time! Even though he is very anoying ;)
  11. lyssa

    lyssa Guest

    I watched it on youtube a while ago. It was alright, it makes you feel really good about yourself because the journalists really struggle to not eat anything. The one woman can't leave her bed one day because she's fasting and she's "soooo tired" lol. It's not that good for thinspiration though.

    Disfigured is a good movie for thinspo, it shows this superskinny woman trying to help an obese woman learn how to eat less. It has the whole "love yourself at any weight" bs message but besides that it's pretty good. Warning though - there's this absolutely horrifying scene of two fat people having sex. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever forced myself to watch. It will definitely put you off eating for a while though.
  12. Samira

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    Supersize vs Superskinny makes me so angry because they take perfect, beautiful skinny bodies and RUIN them by saying they're as unhealthy as a fatty! And then they have that stupid eating disorders section to reinforce the stereotype that all skinny girls are mentally ill! I can't watch it it makes me so mad :mad:
  13. Karlena

    Karlena Guest

    I love supersize versus superskinny, my favourite bit is all the disgusting foods that go down the supersizers tube, mind you half of the superskinnies seem fine to me on there that didn't need to put on weight.
  14. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Guest

    So true!

    I can only with certain sadness appreciate that they show us how they used to live before.

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