Balmain up close



Thought you gurls might be interested. I was at a media launch for the new Balmain fragrance and there was a showcase of some of the recent Olivier Rousteing for Balmain pieces. Did I mention I love my job?

The detail is absolutely breaktaking.





It's the back of this:


Ohhh the level of detail on the burnout velvet is killing me.



Hope you all liked it! :flower:
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Dear god the detail on the first dress. I'm not a fan of Balmain but... Wow...
Wow, very exquisite! Great workmanship. Not for me though. I am a simple kind of girl, plus I can't afford!
Ugh Balmain is one of my favourite houses. The intricacy! It's just breathtaking. Can't beat French fashion.
may I ask what did you study and what do you do at your job exactly? This is my dream situation right here!!!

I'm a beauty journalist at a fashion magazine - formerly a fashion writer but I requested a transfer to the beauty beat last year as I'm not really a fashion person. I actually didn't study journalism - I was a theatre major but according to my editor I gave an impressive interview :grin: plus I guess I was lucky (and maybe my 1st class honors, near perfect GPA and interesting co-curricular activities helped).

If you want to get into the business I advise doing lots of internships and expand your exposure in the industry. Get ready for lots of long hours (many of the chat regulars constantly hear me griping about still being in the office till the midnight hours), unreasonable screaming editors and constantly feeling bad about yourself when droves of tall skinny models walk come into your office for castings.

The workmanship is breathtaking. This is what springs to mind when I hear "couture".

The best part is that these aren't even couture - they are actually from the RTW collections. If RTW is this detailed, I can't even imagine couture!
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