Astrid Bergès-Frisbey


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Jan 23, 2012
I think she's super pretty and natural looking. Astrid played the mermaid in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie in case you're wondering who she is. She mainly made french movies and movies in spanish too. What do you think, lovely no?






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love the freckles, eye and hair colour, lips, the whole packet, simply beautiful!
I remember her! I watched the movie and I kept thinking that she looked stunning, so I Googled her. She is gorgeous. I really love her face as well.
I just looked up her age, guessed she was in her teens but she is 25. She is lovely.
I love her face! She looks so young! I saw she's only 25, but when you think of other actresses in Hollywood right now around the same age, they look so much older!

The Spanish magazine picture is my favourite, so beautiful!

Hahaha, note all my exclamation points lol, apparently I've got a crush.
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I can't believe shes 25.. she could pass for 16.
Such a lovely face, reminds me of Frida G. quite alot.
Wow, she's perfect. My new thinspo. I remember her from Pirates too actually.
Anyone know her stats?
She has a very unique set of features that intrigue me - I just can't get tired of watching her, I find her face is unpredictable in a way that draws me in (it is far from what you'd expect generic "hotties") and she definitely possesses some ethereal quality (which is also evident if you look at her film roles - mermaid, "angel",...) :angel::luv: