Article: "In a culture obsessed with weight, there’s a downside to being skinny"


Worker Bee
Jan 16, 2012
As much as fatties like to say that there is no 'skinny-shaming' because thin people are already 'privileged', this whole "Real Women" movement has hurt feelings and self-esteems.

I found this article randomly browsing the net, and I've found it very poignant regarding the currently trending attitudes regarding bodies (especially among women) and the ever-present phobia of fatties that the body they can't achieve is the cause of a disorder, and not of a healthy lifestyle.

In a culture obsessed with weight, there’s a downside to being skinny

Some excerpts:

‘"You’re going to go throw that up in the bathroom in a minute. You’re messed up, you have a problem.” This rather abrupt and accusatory “intervention” came from a complete stranger sitting at my table at a friend’s wedding. He was not convinced I could eat an entire meal and maintain my figure without throwing up later."

"One of the earliest [comments regarding weight] dates back to Grade 2, standing in line waiting to go on stage for the Christmas concert, and my teacher telling me that my “arms were like twigs” and my legs “like chopsticks.” "

More stuff in the comments, too. Thought you gals might like it
I thought this article was interesting, but I'm really bothered by the fact that it seems that thin women have to say that they eat whatever in order for it to be acceptable. Why can't they say they watch their figure?
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It sucks that we can't even be honest and say that we prefer the skinny/thin/slender look. And, echoing what @Cosette-δ said, say that we watch our figure! Instead some of us have to lie and be secretive. (I envy those who are lucky enough to have partners and family members that understand your wishes ;) )
I've perfected what I tell people now. Because, lets be honest, I'd be shipped off to a mental home if I told them the truth.
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