Article Discussion: "Is there a market for 'normal' sized models?"

Discussion in 'Models' started by Samira, Jan 31, 2012.

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    i think you should comment anyway, it'll be very amusing :p
    read this in the comment and laughed! 'Skinny girls fear and judge fat girls and vice versa "REAL women have curves," vs "Put down the donut, ladies."' (on this note, i'd really love to say to the fatties that skinny girls have more curves than they could hope for, based on the fact that you can actually see our waists)

    but the article itself... i do kinda agree with it! i mean yes, models should look like perfection and give us something to aim towards, but i think 'normal sized' models wouldn't be such a bad thing. not everybody wants the skinny look, and this would give them something healthy to aspire to. so i think 'normal-sized' models should replace plus-sized models altogether! no one should aspire to be fat!!
  3. Wow, i thought the plus size model's second pic in the black and metallic bikini when she lost the weight was really nice. It looked like she was well on her way to victorias secret or something like that. Not HF but not Sears catalog. Too bad.
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    Agreed! Plus-size models basically say it's OKAY to be unhealthily overweight. I mean some carry the weight well and look healthy - let's face it, not every woman CAN be skinny - but telling them to PUT ON MORE WEIGHT? NO.
  5. StarvedFatass

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    Jan 19, 2012
    I agree about plus size model replacement. I woild love to work as ormal sized model (at the moment) :D
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    Agreed completely! I think normal size models like 5'8'' and 140 pounds are welcome for people who want look average and wear average size. It's not fat, but it's not slim too. I respect that. Not all want to be skinny, but everyone with BMI above 23 should ask yourself because it's start of obesity. The USA and West Europe are crowded with such people, unfortunately.
  7. I think normal/curvy would be okay but I wouldnt want to look at anything bigger than that. Plus sized models are kinda gross looking to me. Especially in underwear.
  8. 71000

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    May 11, 2012
    ^ITA. Plus size models look disgusting to me, especially someone like Tara Lynn with rolls of fat. Her nude photos make me want to barf.

    I don't think normal size models should replace skinny girls, but they should definitely replace plus-size girls because who wants to see fat girls modeling clothes. Usually, clothes look better on skinny girls! So I think the cut off for body sizes should be Lara Stone's body - the slim end of normal.
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    I did it for you.....
    Here was my comment
    Uuummm your an idiot!!!! Models not plus size wanna be models are suppose to emulate perfection, the dream body much like the dream wardrobe. If we wanted average we would put the clothes on ourselves and walk up and down our own halls!
    Do you know how tough it is to be a model? The dedication, the being up on your feet for 16 hours, the pressure and the fact that you are not your own when booked but that you are the blank canvas someone pays you to be?!
    Idiots like you need either a diet to to just shut the hell up when asking the world to settle for AVERAGE! Let me guess you "embrace your curves?" DO it in silence cause they make me want to vomit!
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    May 4, 2012
    Plus sized women need to see clothes designed for them on the appropriate models. So do "average" women.

    However, haute couture is to be modeled perfectly - and that cannot be done with rolls, bulges, etc... That requires something more... Something to be desired, as much as the dress presented... End of story...
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    I really think that regular size 8-10 models could be a fantastic replacement for the plus size. Maybe that way the pluses will be inspired to get into a healthy normal weight? I can't imagine them on the cover of Vogue though...
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    Apr 29, 2012
    How on Earth are these women normal sized, okay maybe in America but come on! Normal weight to me is like a BMI of around 20-25, these girls are pretty much overweight. I don't understand why we are promoting fatness. The world is getting fatter and now we're teaching you to love your curves(read fat).

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