Arizona Muse


Jan 22, 2012
What are your guys feelings on Arizona Muse?
I personally loved her look before she cut her hair short and died it dark brown. I wish she had not done it :(

I also really liked her in Dazed and Confused... btw where can I get that magazine? I haven't found it anywhere in Chicago.
Her height is 5'10 what do you guys suspect her weight to be?


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I don't see how she is that successful.
Well, I do, but that is due to someone else's help....
Without them she would not have got that far I can promise...
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I think she wouldn't be that successful without Freja....
I don't like Arizona Muse. There is just something with her that looks WRONG. I adore unique models but Arizona's uniqueness... is more weird that pretty.
Since I didn't know much about her, I looked for some videos of her and saw
Her walk is really bad. And especially her weird lingering look at the end of the runway.
And she has such a Mom laugh - I don't know if that makes sense. But the kind of laugh you'd have laughing at your childs antics lovingly :S
I couldn't believe she has a son, though. At 15:22 she talks about having help with her son, do Freja & her live together?
erm, am i the only one who is totally in love with her name? :oops:

anyway, name aside, i don't particularly like her. and i hate HATE HATE this cover for vogue...


but then i like this one.


i don't know, her face is weird.
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Arizona Muse.

18 September.

Zodiac sign

Born in/lives
Arizona/New York.

Personal motto
"Allow life to happen and appreciate what it brings."

I became a model
"Because I couldn't figure out what to study at University. That decision was a blessing because I'm loving what I'm doing."

My style is
"Changes all the time. Right now I'm comfortable in black."

Favorite dress
"A classic looking Hervé Léger dress that Lubov Azria gave me this season."

Favorite fashion designers are
"Ones whose designs change my mood when I wear them."

The First Fashion tip
"Don't over do it."

Under my bed I keep
"Nothing at all."

On my room's walls I have
"A silk oriental textile my dad brought over from Turkey before I was born."


"If I ever get a tattoo I'll get my whole back done."

"I don't like angry music."

"I like powerful movies that make me think and feel."

One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Seaside or mountain

City I would like to visit

Projects for the future
"I'm going to raise awareness about the global crisis regarding child labour."

My biggest dream
"To reach the end of my life and feel that I have accomplished something big each and every year."