Arizona Dream


Worker Bee
Jan 22, 2012
Any fans of fabulous Emir Kusturica? I found this movie quite recently and I fell in love with it. Young Johnny Depp, the music, surroundings, beautiful!
Has anyone seen it? I wonder if you have seen it this movie something special. Not the plot details, just interpretation of the whole picture. Did Kusturica want to say something or did he just do the movie he always wanted to?

I'm going to watch this tonight - I'll report back with a full review, hah :)
I loved this movie!!

The music was indeed amazing Goran Bregović did a really great job! (I actually added some on my IPod!)

I saw it quite a while back so I don't remember the plot exactly, although the fish was very intriguing..
I'm gonna re-watch over the holidays and write a review as well :)

Johnny Depp was definitely amazing, he looked so good young