Are you a bag or a shoe girl?


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Jan 27, 2012
Not sure if this thread should be posted here or in footwear. But here goes :cool:

Are you a bag or a shoe girl?
I'm a bag girl but I have more shoes. I am very fussy on bags whereas shoes are easier to buy but if I had all the money in the world I'd probably have a lot more bags.

How many handbags do you own?
Only 4. But they range between 400 - 800 pounds.

How many shoes do you own?
Over 30 pairs and 6 pairs of boots

Now your turn to answer these questions :)
Are you a bag or a shoe girl?
How many handbags do you own?
How many shoes do you own?
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Are you a bag or a shoe girl?
Shoe girl! no wait, bag girl! nah it really just depends. I go through phases, sometimes I'm all into shoes and others just into bags. I'm really into shoes atm :cool:

How many handbags do you own?
Err... at least 10

How many shoes do you own?
Over 30 pairs... I'm probably closer to 40 though.
Are you a bag or a shoe girl?
Shoe girl, definitely!
I think it´s harder to find a pair of shoes to match an outfit than a bag, so the more variety of choices you have the better :grin:

How many handbags do you own?
Only 5, but I use my favourite one most of the time.

How many shoes do you own?
I don´t even know... 30 pairs at least, but I recently threw some pairs away bc they were worn-out, which means they´re soon going to be replaced my new ones.
Shoes. And it's not even close. I'm not hating on anyone for loving bags, but I've just never understood the obsession or the willingness to blow huge loads of dough on a bag.
Are you a bag or a shoe girl?
You seriously expect me to decide? I don't know! Oh well, I guess I'm gonna go for bag girl.

How many handbags do you own?

About 20. I love collecting them!

How many shoes do you own?

Maybe 25-30... I'm too lazy to count.
I'm split between shoes & bags - fixated on bags more right now.
Own about 10 handbags (not including moms/sisters that I use)
About 40 pairs of shoes :S
Are you a bag or a shoe girl?
Shoe girl! Shoes add so much more to the outfit, IMO. I just looove them :luv:

How many handbags do you own?
I always use this sparkly black backpack haha, I think I have like two bags that my family and friends force me to use in "dressy" situations.

How many shoes do you own?
Humm probably well over 30. But that's including trainers, sandals, boots, errything!
1. ATM, shoes. I occasionally go through Bag phases though. Monetarily, I spend way more on shoes.

2. I... don't know. 20, 30? I've never really counted. Definitely less than 30.

3. 56 pairs all inclusive.
I'm both! But I'm a college student, so I really can't afford anything right now...or ever, really. Sigh. :oops:
Bag... But that's tough

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Shoe girl!
I love bags but I'm too lazy to repack every time I go somewhere ;-)

hahaha. You speak to my heart. I stick with one standard purse for day to day stuff, and then swap every once in a while if I'm going out or doing something special, but I certainly don't have time to repack my purse every day.
Bag. Far too many bags in my house.
Have my eye on a channel bag for my ugw reward.
SHOES! I have shoes everywhere b/c I have a phobia of not finding my size when I move around (10.5 narrow). I even have a bit of a rep for buying shoes I like in bulk for storage just in case (mini shoe hoarder!). In my defense, If you've ever lived somewhere where you could NOT buy your size you will understand b/c this way family can mail you YOUR shoes instead of shopping FOR you..which rarely turns out well! (also I hate tennis shoes and slip on things like rubber thongs and will murder anyone who suggest I wear men's shoes)

Bags on the other hand...hmmm. I'm torn. I find myself thinking I SHOULD 'invest' in at least 1 good bag since I'm not a kid anymore (that's for sure), but I am really rough with my stuff and not obsessed w/ luxury brands, so if I find a reasonably well made/professional bag I'll get it, but otherwise bags don't do it for me!

I'm a huge shoe lover and I'm always checking the latest trends like tribal, colorblocking, tassels, flatforms, etc.

Handbags... 16

Shoes... at least 40...

My favorite handbag right now is lilac color to go with the spring trend in pastels.

Shoes.... my favorite pair is a blush color ballet flat with copper spikes on the captoe.... I know spikes were trendy about 2 years ago... so spikes aren't really on trend anymore... but I just love how pretty the shoe is.

I can't wear heels right now due to a foot injury... so my heels are out of sight in my closet. One of my favorite heels though are velvet wedge sandals in a wine color...

As you can tell, I can talk about shoes a long time.... :)
Are you a bag or a shoe girl?
SHOE! definitely.
How many handbags do you own?
about 7. 4 of them are black, haha
How many shoes do you own?
omg, i've counted the for you and i'm shocked. 57 pairs
Are you a bag girl or shoe girl?

I'd say i'm more into shoes, i spend WAY too much of my money on them :oops:

How many handbags do you own?

Not too many, around seven. I stand by quality over quantity with bags, so when i want one i save up for it and get a designer one. They have all been great quality bags, and some of the older ones have lasted me a long time.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

oh gosh, i'd say around 40. I have a wide range of shoes, some really nice designer shoes like Jimmy Choos and some that are cheap everyday shoes.
I'm a shoe girl for sure. I barely wear purses/bags. I'm the type of girl that buys a purse and doesn't have shit to put inside of it ,except for my cell phone and my keys, so I just don't see the point of me carrying a bag around, but I have so many freaking shoes, I don't even know what to do with them..they're all over the place.
Shoe for sure.
I have my bags that I always wear to death before I replace them. I have times I buy more but then those times pass and find myself again in the situation I NEED a new bag, not want a new bag.
But as I'm a poor college student and big retro/vintage fan, I never really spend a lot of money on neither of them.
Shoes, definitely. I have like... 3 bags and I don't have many pairs of shoes but... It's just so hard to find nice shoes when you are a size 2 (when I came to Ireland I discovered Next. GOD their 35.5 fits me PERFECTLY. The point is there are no Next shops in France.) I have like 2 pairs of high heels because when you're wearing 10-15cm high heels you just CAN'T go for one size above. Sad but true. I think I have 10-15 pairs of shoes... And I'm a poor student that still lives at mums place so I can't afford expensive shoes.