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Feb 22, 2013
So...I finally live in NYC, and as such, am able to hang out around Lincoln Center and photograph the happenings of Fashion Week. I spent 3 hours this afternoon spectating, and I will be going every afternoon of the shows. I had a very entertaining time.


The crowd beginning to form. This was at about 1:30, during Supima.


I saw Stam. She looked good in person, tall and thin. Piercing eyes. She was wearing lots of makeup. She had a strong presence and knew how to pose, although she was in a hurry, she posed for a few seconds then hurried off. I was lucky to have my phone out.


I was in awe of the length of her legs.


Not sure who she was but she looked like a doll and was very nice.


Joan Rivers, just before getting swamped by paparazzi


The paparazzi and spectators descended upon her immediately. I had a prime position, right in front next to the stairs where people were leaving. People were so rude. They shoved me, tried to get me to move, or they stood right in front of me and tried to shove me with their butts. Psychos. They screamed when they saw Joan Rivers.

There were lots of well dressed skinnies, but there were also fat people and people trying way too hard and wearing hideous OTT outfits. There were of course lots of simple black outfits. Nearly everyone of both genders wore high heels. Most people were able to properly walk in them. I will take more pictures of the crowd tomorrow and bring a real camera instead of my phone. Now for part two, in which I venture to the backstage exit...
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The contrast is too low but she had very nice long skinny legs. Either I am taller than I think, or most models are 5'8-5'9. Almost every model I saw was SG skinny, with beautiful skinny legs.


After Desigual



This girl was so stunning that I had to include 2 photos. She was maybe the best looking model I saw, she was not only beautiful but had a radiance about her.


I liked her outfit. The photographers loved her, she was posing for 5-10 minutes.

I did not see any well known models (at least that I recognized) besides Stam. Tomorrow I will spend more time in the backstage area in hopes of seeing more famous models.
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Thank you for posting these!
I hope you get to see some more big names (and share them with us ;)), I really like seeing how models look when they're just out in the streets.
Oh thanks soo much for those! Keep posting! I loved how you also described the ''vibe'' that models give off in real life, it's awesome, thanks again!

PS: I tried to give you karma but it didn't work :(
I am glad that you all are enjoying the pictures. Unfortunately I had to work more than I thought and was thus unable to go to Lincoln Center today. Many pics to come tomorrow however.

I am quite fond of this Jil Sander shirt, it pleased me to see someone wearing it. I wanted to steal it from him.


Many of the guests were very attractive, but I saw her and was like DAYUM.




I saw the girl on the right on Thursday as well. I think she and her friend are around my age, maybe younger, so 16 or so? They are both much more attractive than me and got swarmed by photographers. I felt like an ugly turd as they were being photographed and I was awkwardly standing to the side photographing people. (This is not a good pic. The brunette looks like a baby Freja)


Lots of people were photographing her.



She looked like a doll


In the midst of all of these beautiful see this guy...I laughed.

As I was taking pictures, an old fat woman with a Southern accent approaches me and says, "excuse me, are these people models? are they designers? what are they doing here???"

More pics...
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I was impressed by her hair.


Fabulous. The only person ever who can pull off a nearly white mushroom cut.


The crowd was beginning to thin, so I head to the back, and I spot this large crowd of paparazzi...


It was Nicki Minaj. In person...she was small. Not skinny, but short. Not fat either, around average size. Her skin was not so good.


The requisite butt shot. An astronomical ass. Very clearly fake.


Only a skinny can wear ridiculous pants like this.


Some models smoking after the show. Many of the models smoke. This area reeked of cigarettes.
As I was taking pictures, an old fat woman with a Southern accent approaches me and says, "excuse me, are these people models? are they designers? what are they doing here???"

More pics...


I never see men wear heels, it's very odd-looking (I guess not in the crazy world of fashion!)


Some models smoking after the show. Many of the models smoke. This area reeked of cigarettes.

Those legs!! :oops::oops:

Thanks a bazilion for your pictures again
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Not sure who she was but I liked her outfit.


More models emerging.


Emily Ratajkowski. I knew it was her because she posted a picture of herself on instagram wearing that outfit. She didn't look too great...a little puffy.


Male model butts.


I headed to Milk studios, as many models post pictures from there on instagram, so I figured I would see something.


Even from this angle...her thighs are still impeccable.


Not sure who this is but she was beautiful and seemed sweet, and I applaud her music taste.

(On my way back, as I was taking the A train, an obese woman shoved me into an already packed train and bellowed, "EXCUSE ME!" At Columbus circle, a very popular stop, she shoved me again and said, "EXCUSE ME!!" I said to her, "You do realize, everyone is getting out here" and she glared at me and shoved me even as everyone exited the train.)

I hope tomorrow that I see famous models, I haven't seen any yet besides Stam.
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Loving this thread!
Thank you so much for the pics,
you are like the official SG paparazzi!

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