Anyone else have this problem with clothes fitting?



Well I bought a dress today and it fits ok I guess, but the waist is a little tight because I have a short body (I'm 5' 2'') and it makes my stomach look a lot bigger than it actually is. But the thought of even a UK 10 being tight on my stomach makes me feel sick even though in some shops I could get away with an 8 now- does anyone else have this issue?:meh:
I hate clothes shopping as well.
I have a very short torso but long limbs.
I can never find dress pants for work because they're way to short and too big in the hip/upper thigh area, and that's size 00. So I wear skirts all the time.
Yep, clothes shopping is always fun until i need a pair of pants. I have really narrow hips and a slim waist, but my thights and butt....not so much :p
So pretty much i end up with pants that just fit my thighs but are massive everywhere else :(
I hate clothes shopping because I swear I am a different size in every single store, and yet none of them really fit perfectly :mad: Maybe try buying a size up and getting it tailored? I try not to concentrate on the size that's on the label, rather at how I look in the mirror.
I've found that you really have to look around to find clothes that fit well. Everyone's body is different, and every company makes their products a bit differently. Cuts also really vary based on their style, the cuts season to season or even with each individual piece. It's actually really exhausting. I have a narrow waist but more muscly and shorter legs, so finding pants is usually pretty tough.
I know that my biggest problem is at Target. For some reason, all their pants are made for the opposite body of mine - they're always too small to fit over my hip bones, but the thighs are too big. And it sucks since they have such cute clothes.
Yep, short torso and long limbs at 5'9.... Its hard to find long sleeve tops or pants that fit. I just don't understand why with some stores the smaller the size, the shorter they are. It's really frustrating always having to order pants online to fit me length wise but I just have to get over it.