Another skinny blog for the gurls!


Worker Bee
Feb 21, 2012
After being asked a lot of the same questions here and on MFP, I created a little blog. I'm going to try to update it frequently, and it will have some skinny recipes, tips I've collected, ballet talk, and maybe the small amount of insider info I have to offer ;)

Hopefully some of you find it useful! xo
Aww I have looked through a lot of blogs, and yours has one of the cutest names by far. I don't have blogspot by I will be checking it out regularly ;)
Great name haha! I'll definitely visit regularly. That will make you one of three websites I frequent, the other being this one and Gmail. (I'm secretly an elderly lady without Facebook or takeaways haha).I think it'll be great.
so cute and i love the layout...thank you so much, i'm looking forward to read a lot of great recipes, ballet talk and so on there:kiss:
Checked it out and your recipes look yummy ;) Can't wait to see what'll be next!
So cute I love it! :) Thanks for the stuff on ballet too x
Will definitely bookmark, I've got problems with anxiety as well :)
I love the ice cream recipe you just posted :luv: So easy and healthy! I'm definitely going to be making it this summer!
Love it! That vegan ice-cream recipe sounds delish, I'll definitely be trying it out sometime ^_^
The recipes sound super good. I want to make this later.