Anonymous Verified Model Q+A on Reddit

I spent way too much of my time reading that. Very interesting indeed!

Gosh, some of these are so funny, I was waiting for Zoolander to come up.
It is a shame she has to remain anonymous, because she seems like a really intelligent, down-to-earth person with a witty, broad sense of humour. I wish I knew who she was!

@Brunette Princess, this was the only mention of diet and exercise I have seen so far and she says in another post, after calculating it online, that her BMI is 16.7.
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This question is priceless:

is 'juicy couture' really couture? cuz it looks like sweatpants with words written in rhinestones on the ass to me.

^ Yes, I remember the discussion around this on tFS. A strange thing to do, but it seems at least it was another person in the industry so much of the information may still have been reasonably genuine..