Annie Clark- Singer/Songwriter/Skinny



(So yes, I've posted this before. But I'm still new to Skinny Gossip so I posted it in member articles where posts don't seen to get a lot of traffic. Here's my post again!)

My favorite musical artist as of today is Annie Clark, the lead singer of St. Vincent. The best word to describe Annie Clark is svelte: slender and elegant. Unfortunately, I have no idea what her stats are. She definitely is not thinspo thin, but still on the skinny side. She has lovely collar bones and I am obsessed with the way her cheek bones look so sharp. And because her eyes are so big she has the look of a dear in pictures where she look thinnest. Not to mention how fantastic her music is. As a writer, I am personally envious of her skills as a songwriter. Her lyrics are obviously well thought through and have an extremely dreamy vibe. If you want a good idea of how beautiful she is and how talented she is, I recommend that you look up the music video for "Marrow" on youtube.

What do you guys think? Is she as attractive and talented as I am making her out to be?
Pics of Annie Clark

Again, love love love her cheek bones and eyes.


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Her legs look quite tiny here :)

I love the angles of her face in combination with her dark curls... although I am biased because I have curly hair. This photo would be better if those curls were present!
St. Vincent

Anyone heard her music? I personally love her sound (and her newest album) and I've noticed that she's slimmed down a bit. Her hair is a little crazy and she performs like a robot, but I think it's part of the act.
She's also crazy beautiful in my opinion. Not SG skinny, but very defined collarbones.