Annalynne McCord



I love love love Annalynne's body! Her top half is amazingly beautiful! However, as much thinspo as she is, I worry about her thighs sometimes as they look like they have the potential to be chunky.

Oh Annalynne, I hope you can maintain your perfect body forever!
She is so stunning! And it's really inspirational because in the earlier seasons of 90210 she didn't look as good as she does now.
I think that she is the only star from 90210 who loses the weight from each episode :/ For example Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup , they used to be such pretty skinnies :rolleyes:
sha has something to totally fascinating...

i saw her first on nip/tuck and fell for her :D
She is a lovely Girl :luv:


They say the camera adds ten pounds but it must just apply to photos for her, as I never think she's that amazing in photos, but when I'm watching 90210 I'm like wow, her arms, I am definitely not hungry :lol: