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Jul 25, 2012
Here's an unconventional thread, as a tribute to a woman I find an unconventional beauty. :)
Inspired by season 5 finale of True Blood. Yup, I'm a truebie, I love me some campy sexy fun in the summer. :oops:

I think Anna was plain before her Sookie days. Blond hair and a tan did wonders for her without making her look generic, in my opinion.
I'm a huge fan of her face - teeth gap, odd nose and all - those flaws make her even more beautiful.
And I like her personality. :)

Now, what we're here for: the bod-ey!
Anna's by no means skinny. I'm sure many of you won't even think of her as thin. But - and it's quite a big but! - even though skinny is my look of choice, I think her body is perfect for her, she rocks it (in those nude scenes especially :whistling:), and I think it's a unique example of a strong, muscular, non-skinny body being feminine and sexy.

While she's certainly not thinspo, Anna Paquin is my tonespo and workoutspo. Yeah, check your dictionaries, 'cause these are totes real words. :lol:
Let me elaborate.
''Tonespo'' - I aim towards being as toned as her, maybe a little less. I love toned, but I also love fragile and I dream of someday making those two work together. (Do you think that's possible? Be gentle with me, a girl can dream!)
''Workoutspo'' - seeing her makes me want to work out! Also, she says she loves working out and she finds it a fun activity, so that inspires me to try new things in the exercise department, so I can find something (besides running, my drug of choice) I won't think of as a chore.

Here are some pics of Anna to support my opinions:






What do you ladies think?
Is she an unconventional beauty, just plain or just plain ugly?
Is her body ''too much'' for you?
Do you think she'd look better if she lost some weight, or does this body work for her?

Also, since this is my thread, I declare any True Blood posts to be on-topic! :lol:
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I also like her. I think she carries her weight well and she looks good for a celeb.
I absolutely love her and I am also a truebie!!! Season 5 finale was amazing!
Woohoo, that's two girls that like her - exactly two more than I expected. xD I mean, this is Skinny Gossip. :lol:
Seriously though, I love all you girls on this forum already: browsing through the Celebrities section, I got the impression that even though you all prefer skinny for yourselves, you can be tolerant to just about any bodyshape (emphasize on 'shape', because fat is not a shape) if the owner of the body takes good care of herself. And even more than that, I've seen you can even like a curvy or a muscular look if that's what works best for that particular person. You gurls rock. :)

@wannabe: Yeah, it was absolutely spectacular! Praise Billith! :bow: :lol:
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I think she's gorgeous! I've also read interviews with her about her diet/workout and I love how realistic she is. Like, she doesn't just say "Oh I eat tons of sweets and just have a fast metabolism!" She's really straight about the fact that she has a strict diet and workout regimen.
I am torn between finding her really attractive and kind of homely - but I think that's a good thing! I think if you see her once she immediately sticks in your mind, and that's worth more than just being conventionally pretty and forgettable.

And besides, even if her body isn't the ideal for myself or others on the forum I still think she looks banging and I can respect the amount of work she puts into it.
i LOVE her :luv:
not necessarily body-wise, but i think she really is a breath of fresh air in the celebrity scene, plus her acting is superb. though not a thinspo, she looks great in the merlotte's waitress outfit :)
Oh wow she has lost quite a bit of weight! She had twins a year back, and has lost all the baby weight and then some!

Yeah, I've been keeping up with the latest episodes of TB, and I'm shocked to see how amazing she looks! It's very inspiring to see that she can look that good after having a baby, let alone twins. :bow:
She is a great example of someone that isnt blessed with a supermodel body, but still manages to get pretty thin (for her) and look good.