Ann Ward-ANTM Cycle 15



I am watching ANTM on television right now, and I just saw Ann Ward from cycle 15.

I am in LOVE with her body...I wish I was tall enough to pull this off. This is my thinspiration. And I love how awkward she is....


What do you think?
This model is disgusting. She is naturally skinny, but she is VERY pear-shaped. She has 36 inch hips and an unusually long torso. Plus, she looks very unmodelesque in candids and resembles an ugly rat.
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she was my favorite!!!! oh my word. however I think their reasoning for booting the one blond in the beginning ( said she was too thin ) was stupid since they choice Ann who's even skinner.. but oh my word love her! she's my thinspo too
I like her extravagant look and her great body. They listed her as 1.88 cm (6'2'') and 45 kg (99lbs) which is unbeliveable! I agree she is very, very, very skinny, but there is no way she has a BMI of 12.7! Probably closer to 14.5.I would say she weighs around 115lbs (52kg)
She looks skinny, but her body is not healthy. And I don't mean unhealthy as in anorexic, I mean unhealthy as in filled with bad things. This is the girl that eats deep-fried oreos! Do you really want to use a model that eats deep fried oreos as thinspiration?!?!
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I think her thighs are kinda disproportionate to her teeny tiny waist (although they are slim).
Other than that I think she's lovely. Something about her doesn't appeal to me though...