Anine Bing


May 12, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
i haven't seen any mention of her clothing line, so i thought i'd start her thread! definitely a skinny-approved designer. it's the first time i've ever viewed a collection and literally want to wear every single thing. i only have a pair of her leather skinnies and a sweatshirt, but i'm dying for a leather jacket and her famous boots.

fun fact - she lost a lot of weight when she became older - reminds me of victoria beckham. before she was a designer, she was a "model", but i thought model like we mean here on SG. turns out, she was a bit more of a glamour model.

but somewhere along the way, she lost weight and developed a killer sense of style. did i mention she has 2 kids? she just recently had a baby.

some photos of her in her clothing (post-2 babies). she only wears her own clothes.





she is my new inspiration for what i want to look like when i'm older.