Anime thinspo?


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Feb 6, 2012
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I wasn't sure where to put this since the tv section is supposed to be non-weight related, but I find anime characters to be great thinspo. The girls are always so fine and graceful looking!
I don't have much experience with anime, since I've never read manga or anything and don't know about any good shows.
Does anyone else have a good show or manga that they would recommend, both for thinspo purposes and in general? I was recently looking around in a bookstore, but there are so many that I don't know what's good or where to begin. Someone help!

The only show I've seen before is Sailor Moon, which I used to love as a kid (and totally still do... :p). I was recently feeling nostalgic and discovered that all of the episodes are on youtube! :luv: I still find them to be great thinspo: *this episode is actually weight related. I love how their one chubby friend is the only one disparaging dieting!
Oh I agree I think anime can be the best thinspo :luv: especially for me because I have a very small frame so when I'm thin my body does look pretty anime and that feels great :grin: anime girls make me feel really good about being small when other people are trying to discourage me.
I don't really have any shows to recommend but I think just anime style art in general works just as well!
Also Sailor Moon is an awesome show! I used to watch it all the time as a kid.
Chii from Chobits
Misa Amande from Death Note
Kyou from Clannad :)
Anime girls are great thinspo! I have anime action figures and I get kinda jealous of their skinnyness!
I LOVE anime and anime thinspo. My biggest thinspo (though I guess it might not be considered anime because it's from a video game) is Rikku from FFX.

Also, Alois trancy from black butler. He wears thigh highs and has the perfect legs!
Interestingly, if you're really into manga and all that stuff, you can look up the character online, and the artists usually have vital information about the character, such as her age, height, weight (real human size, though obviously very petite compared to western/ european standards) etc.

Any anime is good actually. All girls look ridiculously good. Their limbs are as long as their eyes are big.