Andie Arthur



Height 5'10"
Bust 31
Waist 24
Hips 34




I know this is quite rude, but something about her face makes me feel like she is missing teeth.. I don't like the pinched/small appearance of her chin :( that second picture is beautiful, but at the same time I'm like 'no...something's wrong'. Although I guess that is how models make their names :oops:
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I love her eyes in the first two pics, but I'm with the face-dislikers. Her head is really small for her body... and her thin upper lip kinda disturbs me. I had a friend adamantly say she can't trust people with lizard-lips... Now I notice them all the time!
I have encountered Andie a couple of times and she seems like an absolute sweetie, always smiling.
Thank your for sharing Skinny2012.
In some of the pics her nose looks too big in my opinion. But I still like her face.
I am not a fan of her thighs though. She would look nicer if she would lose a bit more.
I like neither her face, nor her thighs.

haha me neither. she has a strangely small face for her head. like she's using that one photobooth effect that pinches your face toward the center
I just watched a fashion tv video featuring her and I'm in love! :luv: she's so beautiful! and in my opinion her body is lovely.





She looks like one of those popular high school girls. She could easily be a member of "The Plastics" from the movie "Mean Girls". I think she has a gorgeous face, but her body looks a little too thick.
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i follow her on instagram and she seems like a really cool and funny girl!
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