Ana Beatriz Barros


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Jan 23, 2012
Ana Beatriz Barros:
Height: about 5"11.5
Weight: about 57kg -humm.. i doubt that-

I don't know if she still models.. haven't seen her in a while, but I think she has the most gorgeous face ever!! And those eyes :luv:

She's one of the few models that is honest about the efforts it takes to be model thin, look at this video, and what does she eat, and do to stay thin??.. veggies and exercise, what a surprise!

Here, i don't understand what she says, but I don't even care. Just CAN'T take my eyes off her :oops:

What do you think of her??




She used to be one of my super faves!!
One of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Ahh she also looks like my sister in law :luv:





Wow, she's very pretty, especially in the pics where her hair's a bit darker! Love how long her legs are!
she is absolutely stunning. i wasnt expecting that voice though! very sexy. i love how honest she is. i love the eye flicker she does when she says 'i exercise ALOT' you know that means, ALOT. hahahaha
^^^ Oh woww.... and that's why I don't see her doing much modelling these days.. I guess :nopity:
Don't forget she's curvy Brazilian :grin: She can't be skinny as Vlada because Vlada is naturally skinny and she has small frame. Ana Beatriz is naturally chubby and if she'isnt working out so much she'll be huge :grin:
But she has beautiful face :luv:
I love this editorial (Elle June 2004)





And one from a VS show, she is lovely :luv:
She was one of my favourite models too. I knew her thanks to Replay and Sisley advertising campaigns, but for me the best ones were those for Intimissimi (an Italian lingerie brand; she was absolutely stunning in that pics!).
Hope to see her soon again, she was such a good inspiration!
helping a model who fell

She has such lean legs!

I think she has a gorgeous face, especially! But is only me or she doesn't look very Brazilian (except on the Elle June 2004 editorial @Alice posted).

Needless to say, I think she is gorgeous!
This was for a campaign in last month:


And this is for Grey magazine ss 2013:

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I did think she looked a bit odd..
The article did say there were other models in there too,
whoops, sorry about that! :run: