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I just love someone who can knock delusional stupid bitches down a few pegs.

The thin privilegers on tumblr have quite a few detractors (good to read), but none does it so well, explosively and graphic argumented as:


I've collected some of my faves:






Madgastronomer LIES constantly about obesity related illness:

Claiming obesity does not cause Sleep Apnea
Claiming obesity does not cause DIABETES
The “mods” at thisisthinprivilege are lying, negligent, and will tell you ANYTHING YOU want to hear, without even considering the consequences of doing so (aka. HURTING YOUR HEALTH ).

When adipocytes (fat cells) become enlarged, they secrete factors which attract inflammatory cells (macrophages), which release toxic factors, promoting insulin resistance which causes TYPE 2 DIABETES.

Visceral fat is associated with INSULIN RESISTANCE, which can lead to TYPE 2 DIABETES. Visceral fat secretes RBP4 protein which has been shown to increase INSULIN RESISTANCE.

When we are overweight or obese, we experience chronically high levels of circulating insulin, also when we have excess body fat, we have higher levels of inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein, / interleukins). Also, transcription facts like NF-kB are also activated.

Once NF-kB is ACTIVATED, we become insulin-resistant. This is because NF-kB blocks the effects of insulin

“A mechanism has been proposed linking the expression of TNF-a and other inflammatory mediators to the development of insulin resistance in obesity and type 2 diabetes.”
“Following activation, NF-kB translocates to the nucleus, resulting in the subsequent transcription of genes that promotes the development of insulin resistance.”
“Induction of target genes by NF-kB leads to the increased expression of inflammatory markers and mediators associated with insulin resistance”
Insulin resistance and insulin deficiency give rise to a hyperglycemic state that is a major risk factor for the development of diabetic complications.

Increases in oxidative stress and inflammatory factors have been clearly identified and shown in subjects with obesity and insulin resistance with or without diabetes.
Insulin resistance is common as it arises as a CONSEQUENCE of OBESITY. According to WHO, about 58% of diabetes globally can be attributed to a BMI over 21kg/m.

More than 80% of people with Diabetes II are obese or overweight.
Two Thirds of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have a BMI over 27.
Fat around the internal organs is a known risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

TL;DR = If you have too much excess fat, this causes inflammation in your body, this inflammation causes inflammatory markers and NF-kB to be released or activated. NF-kB disrupts / blocks the effects of insulin, this is why obese/morbidly obese people have chronically high levels of insulin floating around.

Because obese people can become insulin resistant because of NF-kB, this is a major RISK FACTOR FOR GETTING TYPE 2 DIABETES






The author could fit right in SGF weightwise btw.
Oh thank god for this. I thought tumblr was slowly but surely being taken over by the fat-acceptance crowd.