Alyona Osmanova - gained and disappeared?



I wonder what she´s doing right now.

Some years ago, she was one of my favourite thinspo:



Then I heard she gained weight, but she seemed positive about it and was signed with Ford models "Plus size", and it looked like she had a second career in the pus size section going on, Crystal Renn -style.


But she hadnt.
I haven´t heard or read about her much ever since, so I wonder what happened to her, did she retire or is the Plus size thing just not working for her?

To be honest:
She said her weight gain was somewhat inevitable since her teen metabolism was gone at a certain age, and that it would be impossible to maintain that skinny frame a healthy way.
That sounds lazy and unmotivated to me. If everyone thought that way, there wouldn´t be any models over 18 years, only teenagers with good genetics who retire as soon as they hit their 20s.
Also, her "plus size" photos show that she has NO muscle tone whatsoever, so to me it seems like she didn´t even try.

What are your thoughts?
Have you heard about her, or what is she up to?
Plus size industry can't bring you that much, like normal skinny-Gurl industry. So sad,for her :(
Look who I found (was just randomly browsing the Internet)...

Alyona Osmanova, the once skinny model who decided to go plus size and signed with Ford models plus. To Insiders, this isn´t big News I guess, but I was surprised to see her slim and fit again.

Her stance on plus size modelling seems to have changed recently.
What do you think? Does she have a future in HF modelling?